Transpersonal Naturopathy

This is a term I have created to best describe what I do. The word ‘Transpersonal’ refers to experiences and worldviews that extend beyond the personal level of the psyche to encompass wider aspects of humankind, life, or cosmos. It could also be called Spiritual Naturopathy.

The body is not a static collection of flesh, bones, muscles, nerves etc, but a fluid ever-changing organism with many subtle bodies which are constantly adjusting to the physical and non physical environment of feelings, emotions, and energies, many beyond our scientific understanding. Dis-ease is a result of imbalance on these subtle planes, therefore only limited healing will result from a therapy which only addresses the physical biochemical aspect of the body. Ancient people knew this thousands of years ago, and a good example of this is acupuncture which works on the energy meridians of the body. Another way to access these subtle dimensions is through the ancient practice of art which is incorporated into all indigenous medicine. The modern day Art therapist can be seen as a modern aspect of the Shamans of old, guiding the patients soul towards healing through art, music, drama and ceremony.

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