Ancient Maya Jungle Tour

'Aurora Maya' by Tania Williams

‘Aurora Maya’ by Tania Williams


Dates 31st January – 9th February




Explore six major Mayan archaeological sites

spanning three different states of Mexico. Marvel at beautiful temples

surrounded by jungle and steeped in mystery.  Be awed by exquisite ancient

carvings, sculptures and murals. Enjoy the sights, sounds and fragrance of the

dense tropical jungle.  If Indiana Jones fires your imagination, then you will love

this tour. This is the REAL thing, with temples overgrown by lush tropical jungle,

teeming with exotic wildlife such as monkeys,toucans and

other colorful tropical birds.


Summary of tour

  • Visit the famous Parque La Venta Olmec Museum in Villahermosa where you will get up close and personal with the gigantic Olmec stone heads.

  • Wander throughthe magnificent Mayan city of Palenque and explore its beautiful temples and learn about its cosmology.

  • Listen to howler monkeys and maybe spot an alligator or two as we travel up the Usumacinta river to reach the remote site of Yaxchilan.

  • Visit the famous murals of Bonampak and learn about how their discovery changed Mayan history for ever.

  • Visit the site of Calakmul, located in a nature preserve, and one of the largest and most important sites in southern Campeche.

  • Visit the picturesque site of Tulum set on a cliff over-looking the Caribbean sea in one of the most beautiful settings of any of the Maya cities.

  • Visit with a Mayan shaman for a traditional healing ceremony.

  • Visit Indigenous artists and learn about how art fits in to their world.

  • Enjoy lots of free time in the afternoons to do your art or just soak up the atmosphere of the jungle .


And now for the Visual Tour…..

Olmec figures trioLets start right at the beginning.  Our first stop, a visit to the Olmec Park. 

……Then it’s off to the jungle…

graphic howler monkeys

…where we receive a Welcome Song from the famous Howler monkeys…


We visit the final resting place of King Pacal of Palenque. 

This is his tomb; the beautiful Temple of Inscriptions.

Yaxchilan trioThen its up the river to the remote site of Yaxchilan with its famous carvings and lintels…

Bonampakmurals and archaeological site

Bonampak murals and archaeological site

 …after which we head of to nearby Bonampak. 

The Maya were not only great architects and astronomers, but also excellent Artists…


Ocellated Turkey

leopard 2 small file









Then its off to a different jungle; the Calakmul Bio reserve, home to many different species of animals including Leopards and colourful Ocellated Turkeys….



…and off course the famous archaeological site of Calakmul….



…and its beautiful murals

mother and child in the Calakmul Bioreserve

In and around the city, you may be lucky to spot some locals up in the trees….


coati at Calakmul…or a band of Coati’s exploring the grounds of the ruins.


tulum and ocean

The final leg of our tour takes us to the spectacular site of Tulum,

right on the Caribbean ocean.  On a hot day there is nothing like standing on the top

of the cliff enjoying the cool ocean breeze.


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