I attended Tania’s Dream Workshop and found this to be a life-changing and creative experience.  It taught me how to look at my dreams from a different perspective and opened up a new window of creativity and colour.  I would highly recommend.  Elaine Casey

I first saw Tania’s art at the opening of The Spiritual Gallery, Timaru. I was immediately taken by the scale of her paintings, the richly saturated colours, the light, and the skilful creation of a layer of mist or perhaps it was cloud. I was taken by the magical, fantasy subject. I would have liked to buy the paintings, but I did not have a room big enough to do them justice.  Stephen Low

Tania’s artwork is vibrant and uplifting – at times whimsical or spiritual, combining her love of the natural and the mythological realms that surround us.  She paints not only with passion, but with her heart.  Christine Youngston

Tania makes you feel very at ease and the whole class is taken at a great pace which helps you feel relaxed and able to express yourself in an artistic way.  (Drawing and Colour classes)                                                                                                                                                                                       Jude Card

I had a thoroughly enjoyable day at the dream workshop, it was great to mix with others and share their dreams through art.   Sarah Dittmar

I have very much enjoyed the Beginners Drawing class.  I have learnt a lot and always found Tania well organised and very supportive. Robyn Mc Gregor

I have enjoyed Tania’s art drawing classes.  It has been fun and informative and I have learnt about myself and my creativity.  Debbie McKenna

It was very good.   I learned a lot and the lesson wasn’t to fast-paced.  Comfortable.   (Drawing class) Lauren Gillot

I thought it was great.  A lot of fun and I learnt new things aswell.  I enjoyed all of it.  I probably enjoyed the drawing part most.  Oh and the food & wine!   (one day painting workshop)                                                                                                                                                                                 Kendyl Riley

I enjoyed both days.  Felt  challenged and learned a great deal.  Great first classes – look forward to more. (Drawing and Painting Weekend workshop)  Lesley Hurst

I enjoyed the simple yet focussed structure and the way Tania breaks the process into easy to understand blocks.  I also enjoyed the discussion about the process.  (Drawing workshops)  Derek Ashford

Inspired to do more drawing …found it calming.  I also enjoyed the feedbac of others and my own contributions.  (Drawing workshop) Hella Coenen

 I was challenged to try a new technique (upside down drawing) which was great.  The part I enjoyed the most was my improvement, and learning a new way of ‘looking’ at what I was drawing.     Jenny Percival

A lovely interesting afternoon and learned some really helpful things. ie. proportions, negative space etc.   Lisa Roche

Lovely encouragement.  I felt more capable than expected.  Quiet time – fab afternoon.  What I enjoyed the most was the small group, peaceful, non threatening, no pressure to perform.  Sheena Napier (drawing lev 1)




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