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Artespiral is in the process of  expanding to include Naturopathic consultations and workshops, thus the new name…

ArteSpiral Wellness Institute (AWI)

We have decided to focus on Mental Health, as we feel there is a real need for more understanding in this neglected area of health with new psychotropic drugs popping up all to frequently.

We will still be offering the same core creativity workshops, but in addition to these you will also be able to learn about natural healing methods such as Herbal medicine, Homeopathy, Nutrition and Iridology, and how these  modalities, when combined with creativity, can lead to an even more balanced mind, body and spirit.

Ancient cultures and present day indigenous people have known about the importance of Art in healing for thousands of years, but sadly Art and creativity was thrown out of ‘Medicine’ with the ‘advance’ of the Age of Modern Medicine.  Artespiral Wellness is proud to reunite these two alienated aspects of healing and offer them to you in our fun and accessible  workshops and classes.


As part of our expansion we are also moving into the world of online classes to cater for those of you, who due to work commitments, or locality problems, find it difficult to get to the face to face classes.  You will be able to do the videoed classes and workshop when and where it suits you.

Please stay tuned ….






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