My Story

portrait of Tania

At work in the Studio

Growing up in an all artist family helped to foster a deep love and respect for drawing and painting, however I was advised not to enter a career in art as ‘there is no money it’.  So in my early twenties I embarked instead on a degree in Naturopathy from the then BCTANT (Brisbane college of Traditional Acupuncture and Natural Therapy). It  was the very first Naturopathic course ever offered at the college, which had until then only offered Acupuncture courses.  Although I did a course in Art Therapy immediately after graduating, I never actually thought to incorporate it into my Naturopathic practice until more recently.

Tania Williams with children from Santa Maria de Jesus, Guatemala

It was only later when I did a further degree in Anthropology that I became aware of the role that art plays in indigenous healing systems across the world.  After practicing Naturopathy for 25 years, I got to a stage where I felt very disillusioned with it; I became increasingly aware of the lack of creativity, and this worried me more and more until finally I just quit, not being able to cope with a career devoid of creativity.   So I followed my bliss and took up teaching art workshops, and then started a Kombucha business, both of which gave me the creative expression I had been missing.  I now feel I have come full circle and have decided to once more re-invent my career, this time bringing together my 2 loves; healing and art. And what has resulted from this marriage is Transpersonal Naturopathy.

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