Maya: Ancient & Living


‘Maya: Ancient & Living’ Tour 2017

Dates: 20th Feb – 1st March 2017 (10 days)


Enjoy the best of both worlds: explore the magnificent Mayan

ruined cities once populated by the ancestors of the Maya; then meet their

descendants who now populate the fertile highlands of Chiapas.  

Enjoy the sights, sounds and fragrance of the dense tropical jungle,

with its vast array of tropical animals, birds and plants.


Water Temple

‘Water Temple’ by Tania Williams

Enter the world of the Maya!

  • Visit the gigantic Olmec heads at La Venta Park in Villahermosa.  The Olmec are referred
    to as the mother culture of Mesoamerica, and are the ancestors of the Maya.
  • Wander among the magnificent Mayan Ruined city of Palenque. Marvel at beautiful temples,
    aligned to the cosmos, surrounded by jungle and steeped in mystery.  Be awed by exquisite
    ancient carvings, sculptures and murals.
  • Listen to howler monkeys and maybe spot an alligator or two as we travel up the
    Usumacinta river to reach the remote site of Yaxchilan.
  • Visit the famous murals of Bonampak and learn about how their discovery changed
    Mayan history for ever.
  • Experience the rich culture of the highland Maya, rooted in ancient traditions, and
    yet alive with ever evolving innovations.
  • Explore charming San Cristobal with its cobblestoned streets, colourful market,
    funky cafes and art galleries.
  • Visit the famous Sunday market at the highland villages of Zinacantan and Chamula,
    and visit  their unusual and charming churches. 
  • Visit a Mayan medicine museum and experience authentic Mayan healing ceremonies
    with Mayan shamans.
  • Learn new ways of seeing the world as you participate in an art class with Tzotzil and
    Tzeltal Maya artists.
  • Visit traditional artesans and weavers in highland Mayan villages and learn about the
    complex symbolism found in their beautiful traditional textiles.
  • Enjoy lots of free time in the afternoons to do your art or just soak up the atmosphere of
    the jungle and the highlands.


And now for the Visual Tour…..

Olmec figures trioLets start right at the beginning.  Our first stop, a visit to the Olmec Park.  Then it’s off to the jungle…


graphic howler monkeys

…where we receive a Welcome Song from the famous Howler monkeys…


We visit the final resting place of King Pacal of Palenque.  This is his tomb; the beautiful Temple of Inscriptions.

Yaxchilan trioThen its up the river to the remote site of Yaxchilan with its famous carvings and lintels…

Bonampac murals and archaeological site

Bonampac murals and archaeological site

 …after which he head of to nearby Bonampak.  The Maya were not only great architects and astronomers, but also excellent Artists…


Had enough of the jungle heat?  Ok, let’s head up into the mountains for some cool air.  Welcome to beautiful San Cristobal….


St. Johns Spring

 In a  nearby Mayan village we visit the magical.  St. Johns Spring. A big shrine for Jesus and the lady of Guadalupe, and a little one for the Earth Lord.


Photo by Chip Morris

Market at Aguacatenango. Photo by Chip Morris

The modern Maya have incorporated ancient Mayan religion into their modern Catholicism in a very unique way...we will visit several churches to see the result of this.


smiling mexican woman-1280x850

Let the Mayan culture inspire in you a sense of wonder, and watch your own art grow in enriching and unexpected ways.

Mexico awaits you………


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