Dream Painting

Inspired by a childhood dream, ‘Courtship’ is the first of Tanias’ Cats Ahoy! paintings

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‘I attended Tania’s Dream Workshop and found this to be a life-changing and creative experience.  It taught me how to look at my dreams from a different perspective and opened up a new window of creativity and colour.  I would highly recommend. ‘

Elaine Casey


WHAT TO BRING: Two or three significant dreams; the more recent the better. (the night before would be great)  A problem you would like to solve. (relationship, work, existential or career problem)

 What are your Dreams trying to tell you? 

Discover your own unique Dream language in this one day Dream workshop.  Meet like minded souls and learn how to access the power of your dreams through various creative exercises. Learn about the universal archetypal symbols and what they mean, and learn how to identify your own personal symbols.  Dreams can bring you healing by warning you about health issues, they can enhance your self awareness and development, dreams can generate ideas and they can solve problems.  In this workshop you will learn how to form a life long relationship with your dream body, as well as produce at least one painting of a significant dream.  Through your dream painting and analysis, you can learn the deeper meanings of your dreams and learn to use their innate wisdom to guide you in every aspect of your life.  Dreams have been an important part of life for thousands of years among every culture on our earth. They bring us face to face with our hearts thoughts at their most passionate.  Dreams are very useful in alerting us to dangers in our lives, but they are also equally useful for highlighting positive and beautiful things about ourselves, that we may not be aware of.

Your Dream Painting facilitator

Transpersonal Artist, naturopath and anthropologist Tania Williams has been studying and recording her own dreams for over 25 years and enjoys teaching others how to access their own personal storehouse of wisdom and guidance.

Join us on this inspiring workshop to find out what your dreams are trying to tell you.

  All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream. –Edgar Allen Poe  
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