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  Self Discovery through Colour & Pastel 
'Stillness' by Tania Williams

‘Stillness’ Acrylic painting by Tania Williams

Learn the deeper meaning of Colour and how it can enhance your art … and your life.  In this one day workshop you will learn how to use pastels, how to mix colours, create a colour wheel and how to apply Colour Theory. You will discover your personal colour preferences through the ‘Colours of the heart’ and ‘Four Season’ paintings and you will learn about the Psychological & Cultural meanings of colour.  If you have difficulty deciding what to paint, don’t worry we will cover how to generate original ideas for both your art and life.

You will be using the language of colour to paint a picture of something that has personal meaning for you.   In this painting you will bring everything together that you have learned about pastels, colour and yourself.

Artist and holistic healer, Tania Williams has over 30 years experience as an artist and has been working in pastel  for over 20 years.



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