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The psychologist Carl Jung viewed mandalas as a symbol of the self. Through mandalas you listen to the dream of your heart, mind and soul and give them shape and colour inside the circle. Creating and viewing a mandala allows you to go deeper into yourself, where change can take place. You will learn how to access your inner self through the creation of your own mandala using water colour pencils. No experience needed as there will be plenty of support. More information



Akbal mandala

‘Akbal’ Mandala Painting. Acrylic on paper

Maya Mandala Painting

Discover what your Sacred Mayan sun sign is and  and use it as a centrepiece for your personal Mandala. Your Mayan astrological sun sign is based on the ancient Tzolk’in  Calendar.  The 260-day Tzolk’in, or sacred calendar, is the oldest calendar known in Mesoamerica, dating back to at least 600 BC.  It was based on the nine month human gestation period, and is still observed today among traditional Maya groups. The day on which you were born speaks of your, character, soul and destiny, and as such is a great teacher for your life.  We will briefly discuss the Mayan Calendar and the December solstice date which heralds the transition into a new era for the Maya.  You will then create your very own Maya Mandala, of which the process and end result are equally enjoyable and healing.  No art experience needed. More information.

Learn more about how the Sacred Tzolk’in Calender works.  Find out when the next Maya Mandala workshop is being held.


black and white drawing

’18 Rabbit’, charcoal and pencil drawing by Tania

Drawing Workshop for Beginners

Everyone has the ability to draw, once the skill has been learned. Attending drawing courses is one of the best ways to learn these new skills. In these 5 introductory drawing courses you will be introduced to techniques which will help to discover the artist within. Everyone is creative, however due to our heavily ‘left brained’ education, many never realise their innate creativity as they have never been taught how to access their right brain.  The ability to tap into this undeveloped side of the brain is what separates creative people from people who consider themselves ‘un-creative’. More information




colour wheelColour Workshop

Learn the deeper meaning of Colour and how it can enhance your art … and your life.  In this one day workshop you will learn how to use pastels, how to mix colours, create a colour wheel and how to apply Colour Theory. You will discover your personal colour preferences through the ‘Colours of the heart’ and ‘Four Season’ paintings and you will learn about the Psychological & Cultural meanings of colour. More information





Dream Painting Workshop

Through your dream painting and dream analysis, you can learn the deeper meanings of your dreams and learn to use their innate wisdom to guide you in every aspect of your life.  Dreams have been an important part of life for thousands of years among every culture on our earth. They bring us face to face with our hearts thoughts at their most passionate.  Dreams are very useful in alerting us to dangers in our lives, but they are also equally useful for highlighting positive and beautiful things about ourselves, that we may not be aware of.  More information


Tree Montage

TREE OF LIFE Painting Workshop

Info coming soon….

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