Hi there, I’m Tania Williams, an artist and Transpersonal Naturopath with over 25 year’s naturopathic experience and 35 years art experience.   I’m passionate about guiding you towards better health and more happiness, using traditional naturopathic principles including nutrition, herbs, homeopathy, essential oils and massage. In addition to this, I also incorporate art therapy into the mix when appropriate.

I look forward to working with you to help create perfect health in mind body and spirit.



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Dietary and nutritional assesment, iridology, herbal medicine,

homeopathy and Celloid Mineral Therapy.

INITIAL CONSULT:  60 min.    PRICE:  $75  (90 min option for $110)

FOLLOW UP: 30-45 min                PRICE: $50 – $60



The same as a classical, but also includes Art Therapy and

visualisation techniques, and may also include dream analysis.

INITIAL CONSULT: 1.5 hr        PRICE: $110

FOLLOW UP: 30-45 min               PRICE: $50-$60


IRIDOLOGY (Classical and Rayid)

Constitutional and current assessment with suggested treatments and dietary modification

30 min                                PRICE: $50

With Photos:                      PRICE: TBA


MASSAGE THERAPY (women only)

Swedish and aromatherapy massage

30 min                              PRICE: $55

60 min                              PRICE: $75



Art making and visualisation to explore sub-conscious patterns and consequent dis-ease.  All art materials supplied.

60 min                                     PRICE: $75




This is a term I have created to best describe what I do.  The word ‘Transpersonal’ refers to experiences and worldviews that extend beyond the personal level of the psyche to encompass wider aspects of humankind, life, or cosmos.  It could also be called Spiritual Naturopathy.

The body is not a static collection of flesh, bones, muscles, nerves etc, but a fluid ever-changing organism with many subtle bodies which are constantly adjusting to the physical and non physical environment of feelings, emotions, and energies, many beyond our scientific understanding. 

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The Eyes have long been referred to as the WINDOWS TO THE SOUL.  This is a fitting description when you consider how Iridology works. By analysis of the various shapes, colours and textures of the iris, a trained Iridologist can get a glimpse into the physical, emotional and mental body to see what its general health is like.  Signs in the eyes can predict and warn about impending health issues long before they manifest in the physical.

The eyes also reflect what kind of constitution someone has been born with. This can range from a hardy SILK to a delicate NET, silk being the strongest and net the weakest.  However being a silk does not necessarily guarantee everlasting health, and a net does not equal everlasting poor health. Both silks and nets have positive and negative aspects which play a role in the overall health of the individual.

Rayid iridology is a different system of Iridology which deals with personality as seen in the eye. Through this system traits like introversion, extroversion, intellect, emotions, and a whole aray of personality traits can clearly be viewed.  This system gives wonderful insights into what areas of the personality can be helped.  

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The practice of art making is in itself a powerful medicine; a tool which gives us the ability to reach into the subconscious mind to find deeper meaning for physical, emotional and mental disorders. Illness is much more than a biochemical or hormonal imbalance; more than a vitamin deficiency, and in many cases disease has little genetic relevance. The relatively new study of Epigenetics has now proven that genes can be switched on and off by the environment in our cells, and are therefor at the mercy of our thoughts and emotions. The creative process allows us to reach into this hidden level and bring up images which can help illuminate the deeper source of our suffering. Healing occurs when these deep issues are processed and released.




Tania Williams with children from Santa Maria de Jesus, Guatemala

 Growing up in an all artist family helped to foster a deep love and respect for drawing and painting, however I was advised not enter a career in art as ‘there is no money it’.  So in my early twenties I embarked instead on a degree in Naturopathy from the then BCTANT (Brisbane college of Traditional Acupuncture and Natural Therapy). It  was the very first Naturopathic course ever offered at the college, which had until then only offered Acupuncture courses.  read more


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