Art has been used for healing for thousands of years, reaching far into the distant past to the time of the rock paintings.  All indigenous societies include some form of art, whether it be painting, music, dance or drama, into their sacred healing rituals.  Shamans have incorporated art into their ancient healing practices for at least 50 thousands years.  Today art therapy is used by many hospitals as its strong therapeutic benefits are well documented.


Art Therapy today

The practice of art making is in itself a powerful medicine; a tool which gives us the ability to reach into the subconscious mind to find deeper meaning for physical, emotional and mental disorders. Illness is much more than a biochemical or hormonal imbalance; more than a vitamin deficiency, and in many cases disease has little genetic relevance. The relatively new study of Epigenetics has now proven that genes can be switched on and off by the environment in our cells, and are therefor at the mercy of our thoughts and emotions. The creative process allows us to reach into this hidden level and bring up images which can help illuminate the deeper source of our suffering. Healing occurs when these deep issues are processed and released.



What happens during an Art therapy session?

After a short chat to establish your goals and intentions for the therapy, you will be put through a guided visualisation to set the intention and get into the creative zone.  After this you will be given one or more exercises to work on during the session which will vary depending on your personal situation.  No art experience is necessary as aesthetics is not the goal of the work. You will be given a wide choice of art materials to choose from, and assistance will be available at every stage of your work, however if you prefer to be left alone with certain exercises this will be respected.


90 min.   $125       Prepaid book of 5  $550

60 min.  $75          Prepaid book of 5  $325




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