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 Artist Statement 
Akbal mandala

‘Akbal’ Mandala Painting. Acrylic on paper

Mystical, visionary and archaeological themes permeate my art, which can be whimsical and sacred at the same time.  Working mainly in acrylic paint, pastels and digital media, I find making art a great source of spiritual, creative, intellectual, as well as humorous nourishment to me.  I have always loved the challenge of turning an idea or concept into imagery.  Through my art I hope to inspire the appreciation of beauty, magic and wonder, both in our own, as well as other cultures. My art is also about reclaiming and honouring the Sacredness of life, something I believe is sadly missing from much western art.



Tania and conversationsDue to a life long fascination with the Mayan Culture, I have spent extensive periods of my life travelling in Mexico and Guatemala, where I have studied Spanish and the Mayan culture.  In 2002 as an archaeology student at Queensland University, I worked on a Mayan dig at the beautiful Mayan City of Copan in Honduras. I graduated 2 years later with a degree in Anthropology.  When not in Central America I have spent many happy hours in my studio creating Mandalas and Mayan inspired artwork

Before embarking on my Anthropological studies I completed a bachelor in Naturopathy which led to a 25 year career as a Naturopath.  Prior to this I studied fine arts in both Brisbane and Hobart.

Born into a family of artists helped to rouse my strong creative drive to draw from as far back as I can remember. My father, Russell Williams,was a well known artist from the Hawkes Bay area in the sixties, as was his great grandfather, William Mein-Smith a few generations earlier. Mein-Smith was also New Zealand ‘s first surveyor-general, responsible for surveying the first site for Wellington and my current home town of Featherston.

When I was six years old my family moved away from my birth place in New Zealand to my mothers’ native country, Norway, and it was here I won my first art prize at the age of nine. After seven years in Norway we moved to Brisbane, Australia where I did all my studies.

In 2004 and 2005 I worked as an artist on the film set of King Kong in Wellington New Zealand, as well as working as an Art Director on short local films in Christchurch including K’Lexia.  Following this I worked as a TV presenter at 45 South TV in Oamaru.  I am now directing and producing a documentary film, Dance of the Medicine Bag which is about our modern medical system and Shamanism.  A large proportion of this film will be shot in Mexico, Australia and New Zealand.



2017                 Art Therapy, Iridology and Natural Health classes on offer.  Northern Rivers, NSW. Australia.

2012                Various art classes held in the Wairarapa and Wellington. New Zealand

2011                Various art classes held in the Wairarapa. New Zealand

2011                Beginning of filming for ‘Dance of the Medicine Bag’. Peru, Mexico

2009               Art Director, Virtual Incubator, an educational Virtual Reality computer game. New Zealand

2007               Award winner at Timaru Art Society Art Awards. New Zealand

2007               Featured artist for opening of Artma’s  Spiritual Art Gallery in Timaru. New Zealand

2005               Exhibited paintings at E-Café, Christchurch Art Centre. New Zealand

2005               Artist on film set of King Kong, Wellington. New Zealand

2005               Art Director on Devils Game film set, Christchurch, New Zealand

2005               Art Director on K’Lexia film set. New Zealand

2004               Exhibited at Espresso Coffee Lounge, West End, Brisbane, Australia

2003               Joint art exhibition at Brisbane Power House, Brisbane, Australia

2002               Commission for Painting, Kamils’ Kebabs , Brisbane. Australia

2001               Archaeological illustrator, Copan archaeological site, Honduras

2000               Exhibited at L.J’s Restaurant, Brisbane, Australia

2000               Archaeological illustrator, Queensland University, Brisbane, Australia

1998               Group (family) Art exhibition, Norwegian Club, Brisbane. Australia

1998               Art Exhibition at The Old Chapel Restaurant, Maroochydore, Australia

1997               Infinity and the Mind II Group Art exhibition, Sydney, Australia

1997               Infinity and the Mind I Group Art Exhibition, Katoomba, Australia

1996              Collaboration on Jenny Kee mural in Blackheath, Australia                             

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