About Us

 Putting ART back into the Art and Heart of MEDICINE
portrait of Tania

At work in the Studio

My name is Tania Williams and I am the founder of ArteSpiral Wellness Institute (AWI).  My background is in art, naturopathy,  and anthropology.  AWI  is where I bring all these parts together to offer you my unique expertise, which blends together natural health and art.

As well as consultations we also offer various workshops and classes in Natural health and art,  both online and in person.

Here at AWI we are committed to putting the ‘ART’ back into the Art of Medicine, as we believe that ART is an essential part of any healing modality, evidenced by the fact that all healing systems, with the exception of Western Medicine, employ art and creativity as focal points of healing.

For more information about my own art please check out the following links.

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