Arte Spiral Wellness

When the soul is depressed, anxious and out of balance, artistic images appear

automatically to offer up their innate healing.


ART AS MEDICINE. Creativity is the LOST 'ART' of medicine. Art has always held an esteemed place in non Western medical systems due to its powerful healing qualities. Our classes are designed to re-activate this ancient healing side of art. WORKSHOPS & CLASSES»


Learn from Medicine Woman Tania Williams's 25 years professional experience as a Naturopath, how to create PERFECT HEALTH with herbs, natural foods, medicines and Intergrative Iridology. MEDICINE WOMAN»


Mandalas are sacred to every culture. Carl Jung used them to access his and his patients soul. Creating a mandala allows you to see the dream of your heart, mind and soul. It gives you the opportunity to heal your dis-ease and shows the way back to wholeness. MANDALA »
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